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In memoriam: Mark Bos

TV producer Mark Bos founder of Ice4life

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Retour hemel | Mark Bos

He himself had prostate cancer and was declared incurable by doctors. In response, he started a search for other ways to improve. He challenged himself almost daily with cold weather, climbed the highest mountain in Africa – the Kilimanjaro – and tried different therapies with varying degrees of success.

Ice4life is based on that search, which was shown on 26 January (trailer) in a beautiful documentary on Nederland 2. The documentary was received with great positivity and resulted in many heart-warming reactions.

Even in his last difficult weeks, Mark Bos has invested all his strength to draw attention to people with cancer. On 23 April he was a guest at Humerto Tan in RTL Late Night. Although he was already losing his battle, he told me about his last wish: “There must be a day when every cancer patient wears a band, also friends and family. A first step to be heard. I hope that I can lay the foundation stone that the system must be different. I would love that. “He also felt like a child between divorced parents, with which it meant the alternative and regular care that both are fighting against each other. But where Mark also revealed the strength and the weakness in his documentary.

Mark died on Friday evening, May 1, 2015. Ice4Life thinks it is very important that Mark’s message is not forgotten. We will therefore commit ourselves 100% to continue his work.

Ice4Life was picked up as a foundation after Mark’s death and wants to draw attention to the bridge between alternative and regular care, the patient at the heart of IJskoude events. Looking for just the best care that improves your quality of life.

Ice4Life aims to keep Mark’s mission alive and to work on a world where the patient comes first and not his / her illness. Every person is different and that is why every patient needs his own treatment. Every patient also has his / her own path. Whether you find your support in regular or alternative forms of care or in the combination of these approaches. It is about the way in which you can walk the most humane path in relation to the disease that you have.

Mark has gained extreme strength from the cold and his breathing exercises, which he has learned at Wim Hof, it has not healed him, but he has been able to get everything he wants to get out of life. He ran a marathon three months before his death. This, seen by many as extreme, confrontation with the cold is central to Ice4Life. During the training sessions and the various workshops you will experience what happens to your body when you use the special breathing exercises and are confronted with the cold.

Participants of events can be sponsored. The sponsorship is used to realize the goals from the Mission of Mark.

About Ice4Life

Ice4life has started a first event in the Icelandic area where the American and European continental plates meet.

The floating apart of those plates has left a gap in the landscape. Ice4Life wants to bridge that gap between two worlds, not only literally, but also figuratively.

Cancer patients often face a huge gap between regular health care and the alternative during their illness. One side often does not want to know anything from the other side, while many patients need both.

Ice4life wants to build a bridge between these two worlds.