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At the request of the participants, we decided to give more freedom to the participants and the purpose for which they participate. That is why we offer the participants three sponsor goals, to which they can contribute. The goals will be reviewed every year, but we will always be opposed to keeping the goals of Ice4Life as Mark Bos put it at the time. That the patient within the healthcare system gets more decision-making and can choose how he / she can improve quality of life, regardless of whether what is offered is labeled as regular or alternative. That the care revolves around the patient and not because of the system.

One of the goals we always have in the Top 3 is Ice4Life itself, as a foundation we want to let 1,000,000 people experience the cold, especially the effects. We want to reach and motivate as many people as possible and to make you aware that you as a person are capable of much more than you thought possible. For this we want to start up initiatives, support them and communicate them as widely as possible. A part of the sponsor money will be used for this.

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Bas van de Goor Foundation

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Prinses Maxima Centrum