Purpose of Ice4Life

Ice4Life has set itself the goal to show that there is more than regular care, that your body is capable of much more. Here we want to put you as a person at the center and bring as many people as possible into contact with what cold and breathing can mean for you. Where it concerns your quality of life, whether you have a disease or that you feel healthy and / or are healthy. Our motivation is that health care is about people and the individual person must be central when it comes to quality of life. especially at times when you are confronted with illness.

Preparations for edition 2019 have started again, do you want to go to Uttendorf and experience this ice-cold experience yourself? Register immediately. And you can participate for free in the preparatory trainings.

News Flash

Ice Dipping

For many, the splash season starts as soon as the water drops below 10 degrees. We would like to encourage splashing from Ice4Life. On our site we want to make as much information as possible available about the splash groups that exist and how you could participate as an interested party. We also want to give the basic rules for Plozen, so that you are always aware of the risks and take them into account.

Once a year 2nd Sunday of November, we organize kick off of the splash season, this is the first training session for the participants in the event, as well as being open to any interested in plowing or Ice4Life. So bring your friends / family and acquaintances to this event.


Ice4life is also for non-experienced people who want to know more about the power of the cold for them. There are many people who have managed to make their specific illness habitable through breathing and cold training. Those who can ‘normally’ take part in life without or with much less medication. Join us and come to one of our training days. As a Participant in the Ice4Life Challenge, participation is free, if you are not or do not want to be a participant, then ask yourself what the possibilities are.

Charity sponsoring

Ice4Life will organize initiatives throughout the year to bring participants into contact with the cold and especially what your body is capable of. These trainings will be held throughout the country. We will also bring various splash groups (open water dipping) to the attention.

We therefore want to get 1,000,000 people into the ice by the end of 2019. For those who have already been in the ice cream, that does not seem to be a problem. But when we speak to people, the cold is still a huge challenge.

In addition to the Dutch, the Austria edition will also be actively promoted to the local population of Uttendorf, who are also invited to participate.

Do you want to support the participants or the Foundation? This can be done via this DONATION link. Donations are tax deductible (only for Dutch TAX payers) because of our ANBI status.


Euro’s Sponsored


Participants and still growing

Next challenge will start:


Take Ice4Life the challenge for an ice-cold triathlon and discover the primal power of ice. We organize this groundbreaking event with the ambition to have 1 million people worldwide discover the vital capacity of body and mind.

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The power of ICE

Bringing your body into contact with cold increases your resistance and your body is in condition. The breathing exercises ensure that the right amount of oxygen can be absorbed into the body and that physiological reactions, including the release of extra energy to strengthen the body, are generated. Mentally cold lets you experience that you are capable of much more than you thought. The icy cold confrontation with your body requires a concentrated mindset and an emptied head. A challenge for everyone, sick or healthy, to have their own quality of life.


Every year we let the participants choose three good causes, these are goals that are in line with the mission of Mark Bos, the founder of Ice4Life. People (Patients) are always central and the connection between regular (care) approach and alternative approach is considered.

Ninety percent of the collected sponsor amount is paid to the sponsor goals at the annual Ice4Life Reunion, ten percent is used for Ice4Life’s own activities. Where Ice4Life is active to stimulate people to experience the ice cold lifestyle. Ice4Life is also one of the goals that can be chosen as a sponsor goal.