Organization Ice4Life

Ice4Life is a non-profit foundation. The foundation strives to ensure that the patient is put at the center of care and that there is room for a dialogue between regular and alternative care.

Ice is always central to the events organized by Ice4Life. The cold symbolizes a border. By shifting boundaries based on your own mindset, we show that you as a person are capable of much more than you would expect. Moreover, we believe that you can positively influence the (auto) immune system.

The board of Ice4Life organizes an annual cold event, intermediate training sessions and meetings. We are constantly looking for people who support our goal and who want to help build Ice4Life further. The experience is an important starting point in this.

The people who want to cooperate do this entirely voluntarily, but not without commitment, because we have a considerable responsibility to bear each other.


Hans Gort



Jos de Bruin



Marianne Peper


Help Wanted!!


For our events we are looking for a trainee or for a professional who is able to make beautiful images of the training and the event. The point is that you are able to record the experience. This visual material is an important pillar for the growth of the Foundation.


One of our challenges is to stay in conversation with everyone around us and communicate in a good and efficient way. That is why we are looking for someone who has the time and who is able to respond a minute if necessary, via e-mail, social media or otherwise, but who is also able to attract attention from the media, such as TV and Radio and newspapers.


Are you a true salesman who always gets everything loose and you want to use your skills for a broader interest, then you might be able to help us get rid of sponsor money. To say it anyway, sponsoring must be in line with Ice4Life and its core values :-).


The first registrations are already back in and we want to grow, and that always creates a mountain of administration. Do you always have everything in the right folders and you know how to create order in the chaos, we are looking for someone who can support us and especially the participants administratively, so that the registrations, the collection of sponsor money and the financial settlement are predictable and smooth.

Do you think you can support us, in whatever do not hesitate and let us know. Or when you think Ice4Life could do something in your home(land/-Town).