Fiscal arrangement Charity status

The ANBI status offers donors the possibility to deduct their donations under certain conditions from the income tax or corporation tax (see

The ANBI status also has advantages for Ice4llife: there is no inheritance tax or donation tax payable on legacies and donations that Ice4life uses for the general interest and if Ice4life itself makes donations that serve the general interest, the recipient does not have to pay gift tax.


Status Ice4Life

Name of institution: Ice4life Foundation

Legal persons and partnerships Information number (RSIN): 855115117

Goal Ice4life: raising funds for research into cancer control as well as building bridges between regular and alternative forms of cancer treatment and research, all in the broadest sense of the word.

Main policy: The stg. Ice4life strongly believes in the self-healing ability of humans. Under the motto of “going ice cold for another”, Ice4life organizes “ice-cold” events that are groundbreaking. The challenge we are facing is to demonstrate the added value of different complementary therapies to the functioning of the immune system.

Participants in an event are sponsored for their effort. The proceeds of the sponsors will be spent on research into cancer control in general and more specifically on improving the cooperation between regular and alternative health care.

Other income may come from donations, subsidies, inheritance, legacy, gifts or donations.

The foundation has no profit motive. In addition to the three-person board, consisting of a chairman, secretary and treasurer, there are a number of committee responsible for marketing and communication, event organization and web management.

Remuneration policy: Ice4life does not have a specific remuneration policy. However, a reward may be awarded to one or more directors for the more than usual time or effort associated with the position of the director. This remuneration must then be in reasonable proportion to the tasks, function and responsibilities and actual work to be performed.

Current report on the activities carried out: a report of our first Iceland event to be organized in November 2015 will follow at the end of December 2015.

Balance sheet and statement of income and expenses with explanation: Ice4life was established on 21-01-2015. Publication of the annual report takes place in accordance with the Articles of Association within 6 months after the end of the financial year, for the first time in mid-2016.